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Piccardi Living not only provides a perfect floor but a service capable of guaranteeing a unique creation, a work of art that blends perfectly with your environments.

The Bespoke service is the result of years of experience and a large range of processes, finishes and colors that can be applied to create floors with aesthetic characteristics developed on the basis of the customer's intuitions, tastes, character and personality.

For people who love unique spaces, we design completely customized solutions, using precious woods from all over the world, antique woods, heat-treated woods and manual finishing processes.

Creativity, ideas and customization are the basis of this service capable of guaranteeing parquet with exclusive colours, details and effects. The customer, in collaboration with the style office, can design and plan a single floor by mixing our essences with different materials such as steel, porcelain, ceramic, fabrics or leather.

In close contact with the customer, we develop ad hoc finishes and laying plans and create samples in 24-48 hours aimed at identifying the optimal solution for their spaces.